Rope Caulk /Caulk Tubes

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Rope Caulk /Caulk Tubes
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If you have cracks or gaps in the structure of your home or business, caulk can provide a quick and easy fix that will last for years to come. Here at Conservation Mart, we proudly carry an extensive selection of brand-name caulks, including silicone-based tube caulks, fire-resistant caulks, rope caulks and more. Read on to learn more about the features and benefits of caulk, and find the perfect product for your residential or commercial project from our inventory below.

All About Caulk

Caulk is a synthetic material that is used to seal gaps and cracks in doors, windows, plumbing and pipes to prevent water, bugs or air from entering the interior of the home or business. Caulk is applied through directed spraying from a tube, and comes out in a semi-solid state that quickly dries. Most of today's caulks are made using a silicone base, which allows them to adhere to a wide range of materials, including woods, plastics, metals and more. There are also caulks that have been specially-designed for fire resistance. We carry several of those here.

Rope Caulk

For those who would like to avoid any mess and difficulty associated with traditional caulk, rope caulk is excellent alternative. Unlike traditional caulk, which is stored in a canister and applied through a tube, rope caulk comes in pre-made strips that can be torn off and pressed into place for fast and easy sealing on a number of surfaces. Rope caulk is ideal for forming weather-tight seals to windows, sinks, doors and more.

Conservation Mart: Your One-Stop Caulk Store

When you need high-quality, brand-name caulk at affordable prices, Conservation Mart is the place to shop. We proudly carry an extensive inventory caulk materials suitable for a wide range of sealing projects. Browse our selection below, and find the perfect fit for your home or business from our inventory today!