Portable Fans

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Portable Fans
At Conservation Mart we carry a wide selection of portable fans that work to keep you cool without raising energy costs. Portable fans provide cool air in the room that is being occupied instead of cooling the entire home.

Stay cool and comfortable anywhere with our wide array of portable fans. Great for indoor use to give your air conditioning a boost without using tons of extra energy. Great for use in the bedroom or kitchen where heat buildup can be a problem. Battery operated models are ideal for camping and outdoor functions, or even in the car or on the porch during those hot summer months. With their portable design, our fans can go anywhere needed and move easily from place to place thanks to a lightweight construction. Choose from a large selection in various sizes. They're also ideal for ventilation of small areas to remove smoke, odors, or cooking residues. Or, place a fan in the window and create a ventilation system to pull hot or stale air out.