Attic Stair Covers

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Attic Stair Covers

Attic Stair Covers for Insulation

You may remember from your high school science classes that heat rises. Applying that scientific principle to your home, it means that most of the heated air in your living spaces will eventually move up towards you attic. If the entryway to your attic is properly sealed, the heated air will have nowhere to go and your home will stay warm. If the entryway isn't properly sealed, the heated air will move into your attic and out of your home, causing your home's heating system to work overtime to keep your home adequately heated. To prevent this from happening, it's important to invest in sealing equipment for areas of your attic that let in the most air. For most attics, the number one culprit for air leakage is the entryway itself. Here at Conservation Mart, we proudly carry attic stair covers specially-designed to insulate attic entryways. Durable, effective and easy to install, the attic stair covers in our inventory are a must-have for climate controlled home with an attic. Plus, they come with best-in-class warranty protection and customer support from our helpful and knowledgeable team. Order yours today!