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Weatherstripping for Door and Window Leaks

Does it feel a little drafty in your home or business? Have you noticed your energy bills rising even though your thermostat has stayed on the same setting? You may have an air leak. Air leaks can be found just about anywhere on a property, but one of the main culprits are doors and windows. When improperly sealed to the outside world, doors and windows can let climate controlled air pass through, forcing your home energy systems to work harder to maintain a controlled temperature within your walls. This, in turn, leads to heightened energy costs for you. By investing in weatherstripping for your windows and doors, you can greatly cut down on monthly energy costs during the cold winter months and warm summer months by stopping air leaks at their source. Here at Conservation Mart, we proudly carry an extensive selection of weatherstripping materials from brand manufacturers at highly-affordable prices. Read on to learn more about weatherstripping below, and find the perfect product for your home or business with us today!

What is Weatherstripping?

Weatherstripping is a synthetic product made of rubber or foam that is installed on the edges of windows and doors to seal any air leaks in those areas. "Weatherstripping" also refers to the installation process itself, which is quite easy and has several benefits, including energy savings and increased climate control. Many of the weatherstripping products in our inventory are also self-sealing, which means they do not require extra glues or adhesives to be installed on your windows or doors.

Weatherstripping at Conservation Mart

At Conservation Mart, we are committed to bringing our clients high-quality energy-saving products at low prices. Our available weatherstripping products are designed and manufactured by some of the industry's top brands and are ideal for a number of window- and door-dealing projects. To learn more about how weatherstripping can benefit your home or business, contact our support team and start shopping with us today!