Advanced Power Strips and Smart Plugs

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Advanced Power Strips and Smart Plugs
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Energy Saving Smart Power Strip

Power strips are a popular option for electronics users around the world to expand their existing electrical outlets. However, commonly plugged-in devices such as TVs, computers, media players and printers continue to use power when in standby mode on a traditional power strip. Often known as “phantom power” or “vampire power”, this electricity drain can significantly increase your energy bill and carbon output. But Conservation Mart is here to help you combat this energy-suck with a variety of smart power strips and smart sockets. We may not be Van Helsing, but when you buy these power strips, you will have a reliable defense against vampire power use.

For years, the most reliable way to combat phantom power has been to unplug each device when not in use. But thanks to a smart power strip, environmentally- and budget-conscious people no longer have to resort to this time-consuming method. A smart power strip from BITS, TrickleStar, Embertec and other industry leaders automatically sense when a device goes into standby and shuts off power to that outlet. A smart socket is useful as well for rechargeable devices such as phones and tablets, cutting the power after a set time interval. Vampire power can account for up to 10 percent of all residential power consumption, meaning that reducing or eliminating its presence can mean serious energy savings.

Our power saver strips come in multiple sizes, allowing you to plug in up to 12 devices simultaneously so an entire office setup or home theater system can be in permanent power-saving mode. Smart power strips have surge protection built in as well to protect your devices from sudden spikes. Head to our Smart Power Strips Buyer’s Guide or call our experts toll-free for more information on these affordable accessories. Our volume prices add more savings to our low prices, and we ship most orders by the next business day so you can start reducing power use while protecting your valued devices.