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Door Sweeps / Thresholds
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Door Sweeps and Thresholds

Look at your front and back door. Is there a gap between the bottom and the floor? If so, you've got an air-leaking problem. Improperly-covered door gaps cause climate controlled air to move freely from inside to outside and vice versa, causing your home energy systems to work harder, and, in turn, leading to increased energy costs for you. Uncovered door gaps can also lead to unwanted visitors in your home, including dirt, dust, moisture and insects.

If you've got a door gap you need covered, Conservation Mart has the solutions for you. We proudly carry an extensive selection of high-quality door sweeps and thresholds for quick and easy installation on doors of several sizes. Designed and manufactured by some of the industry's top brands, our available door weeps and thresholds are built with industrial-grade materials for uncompromising performance through thousands of openings and closings. Find the perfect fit for your door — at a price that's just right. Shop with us today!