Electrical Outlet Sealing

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Electrical Outlet  Sealing

Electrical Outlet Sealing Covers

Leaking air in your home or business can lead to increased energy costs. To keep your heating and air conditioning systems from working overtime (and to save your bank account some damage), it's important to seal any sources of air leakage on your property. If you're like most vigilant property owners, you've probably already got the windows and doors covered — you may have even insulated the chimney. But did you know that your electrical outlets can be significant sources of air leakage if not sufficiently sealed? That's right, unsealed outlets allow sizable amounts of heated air to transfer in and out of climate controlled spaces. Luckily, air sealing your outlets is a simple process. It starts with an affordable air sealing cover, available in many sizes right here at Conservation Mart. Unscrew your outlet plate cover, affix your air sealing cover, reattach your plate and you're ready to go. The air sealing plates here at Conservation are engineered with industrial-grade foam for optimal insulation and energy savings around your outlets. Find the right items for your home or business in our inventory below!