PUR FILL Applicator and Foam Starter Kit

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PUR FILL low expansion foam will seal and stop the passage of air, gases, water, dust, fibers, and sound into a building. Sealing air leaks also reduces the number of places than insects can use to enter a house. PUR FILL 1G foam is a rigid, low expanding, closed-cell foam that is applied with a foam gun. One 750 ml canister of either product will produce 2,820 cubic inches of cured foam, making 1,200 linear feet of 1/2" bead. It is tack-free in ten minutes and trimmable in thirty minutes. Foam consumption is reduced by 25 percent when using PUR FILL 1G compared to foam dispensed directly from an aerosol valve.

This Applicator and Foam Starter Kit includes one Pageris Applicator, two Canisters of PUR-FILL foam, Foam Gun Cleaner (4oz), six Needle Tips, and a convenient, durable plastic Carrying Case.

  • Color: Yellowish
  • Expanded Foam (free rise @ 68 deg.): 1.67 cubic feet
  • Density: 1.2 pounds per cubic foot
  • Cell Structure: 80% closed
  • Compression Load Deflection (10% compression): 8.5 pounds per square inch
  • Minimum Can Temperature: 40 degrees F. (5 degrees C.)
  • Minimum Surface Temperature: 32 degrees F. (0 degrees C.)
  • Stability of Cured Foam: -40 deg. F. (-40 deg. C.) to 176 deg. F. (80 deg. C.)
  • Flame Spread Index (ASTM E 84): 25
  • Smoke Density (ASTM E 84): 210
  • Thermal Resistance (ASTM C 518): 6.0 per inch

Additional Information (Pur Fil 1G Foam): Material Safety Data Sheet (pdf)
Additional Information (Foam Gun Cleaner): Material Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

NOTE: This item is non returnable and no credits can be issued. Also, due to the chemical nature of this product, this item cannot ship outside of the 48 contiguous US states.