Energy Conservation Kits Provide Many Ways to Save

Energy Conservation Kits Provide Many Ways to Save

In 2009, the generation of electricity in the United States made up 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is one of the four major greenhouse gases, and is the one that is most often emitted from homes. There are simple ways to make changes at home without completely changing your lifestyle. If you are unsure where to start, consider using energy conservation kits as a stepping stone for energy and dollar savings to come.

Control how much energy you are using

As long as an electronic device is plugged in, it will consume energy. Phantom, or vampire, energy is used to describe the energy that is consumed by electronics that are turned “off.” Every year, phantom energy use costs the United States roughly $4 billion dollars. Plugging electronics into the smart power strip provided in energy saving kits allows you to cut off electricity flow to devices that are not in use, while continuously powering the devices that are.

Energy consultants agree that most homeowners believe they are using much less energy than they really are. If you knew how much electricity each appliance used, and how much each appliance was costing in energy, would you consider using it less? Energy monitors are devices that measure electricity usage and cost. The energy monitors included in energy conservation kits compile reports using this data that can be stored in your computer.

Replace inefficient light bulbs

The average home in the United States has approximately 30 light fixtures in it. If lights are not being used efficiently, that can mean 30 different ways to increase the lighting portion of your energy bill. The energy-saving LED bulbs found in an energy efficiency kit are manufactured to reduce the amount of power consumed through lighting without sacrificing the quality of light. In addition, an LED remains cool to the touch the entire time it is in use unlike its incandescent counterpart, which actually burns more energy to create heat rather than light.

Stop energy and heat loss

During the colder months of the year, is it common to feel air entering the home through cracks in the window or through electrical outlets and switches located on exterior walls? If this is the case in your home, proper insulation is needed to prevent drafts in winter and energy loss in summer. If a complete insulation project is not within your budget, the foam gaskets and rope caulk provided in energy conservation kits will help you get started. Foam gaskets are simply placed behind the wall plates of the outlets or switches for blocking drafts. Rope caulk is placed around the edges of windows, sealing out drafts, dust, pollen, and other allergens from the home.

Saving energy by saving water

Think about water use in your home. How often is a shower or faucet run using the hot water tap? Every time hot water is used, whether for washing hands or dishes, or showering, energy is used as well. Energy efficiency at home can be also accomplished with water-friendly fixtures, such as eco faucet aerators and a low flow showerhead. These items are made specifically to reduce water use, also reducing the amount of energy used to heat this water.

There is always room for improvement when it comes to conservation and smarter living. Making these changes will not only reduce energy use and utility bills, but allows for more comfort in the home. An energy efficiency kit will put you on the right path to begin reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions, and utility costs at home.

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