Lipidex AirCycler Ventilation Control G2 + FanConnect™ Toggle Switch + 6" Damper

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The AirCycler® g2 System is the industry’s most efficient and economical solution for meeting all whole house mechanical ventilation standards. By maximizing the efficiency of central furnace fan integrated ventilation - using a home’s regular heating and cooling cycles to provide supply ventilation - and exhaust fan ventilation, the AirCycler® g2 System delivers fresh air throughout the home with precise control and energy savings.

The complete AirCycler® g2 Whole House Mechanical Ventilation System includes the AirCycler® g2 Furnace Fan Timer, FanConnect™ Bath/Fan Light Switch with remote fan control, and a motorized fresh air damper (available in four sizes). This system provides both whole house supply and exhaust ventilation.

Through a patented algorithm the AirCycler® g2 logs the ventilation time elapsed during heating or cooling cycles and compares it with the total ventilation requirements set during installation. Should regular heating and cooling cycles not run long enough to meet the desired or required ventilation, the AirCycler® g2 can turn on the smaller and more economical bathroom exhaust fan (or other exhaust fan) via the FanConnect™ Switch. With no need to run the large central fan to provide additional ventilation, homeowner complaints of cold air or noisy operation are eliminated, and efficiency is drastically improved. With basic exhaust-only ventilation solutions, stale air is being exhausted out but there is no known source of where the new, fresh air is being pulled into the home. With the AirCycler® g2, the motorized fresh air damper is opened any time the exhaust fan is on, providing a known, healthy source of fresh air.

Features and Benefits

  • Balanced or hybrid whole house supply-exhaust ventilation solution
  • Lowest HERS score for whole house ventilation
  • AirCycler® g2 is direct replacement for AirCycler® FRV
  • Patented algorithm offers precise ventilation control
  • No ongoing maintenance required
  • Features programmable hours of operation

FanConnect Spec Sheet
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