LED PL Lamps

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LED PL Lamps

LED PL lamps are available in two and four-pin base types that are commonly used in wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, outdoor fixtures, commercial table lamps, and recessed down lighting, to name a few. At Conservation Mart we carry a wide range of these LEDs from multiple well-known brands. Learn more about choosing the right LED PL Lamps.

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Find the Right PL LED Retrofit Lamp for your Facility

PL lamps are two- or four-pin lamps that are commonly used in commercial table lamps, recessed down lighting, outdoor fixtures, wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, ceiling fans and more. Thankfully, now you can purchase LED PL lamps to upgrade your outdated CFLs with much more energy efficient LEDs in order to save money associated with energy and maintenance costs while helping to make your facility more eco-friendly. LED PL retrofit lamps from Conservation Mart provide uniform consistency, easy operation and quality lighting in many environments where you want to move away from CFLs.

PL-style lamps come in various base styles to suit your unique fixture, with the most common being G24-q-4 and GX23-2, but we also carry LED E26, G24d-2 and GU24 options to match your unique needs. These lamps come in two convenient styles: ballast bypass and plug-and-play (ballast compatible). Ballast bypass PL LEDs will work with your existing fluorescent fixture by removing the ballast, while plug-and-play PL LEDs work with the existing ballast and require no rewiring. There are pros and cons to each type, with plug-and-play styles being significantly easier to install but having a higher upfront cost.

Ballast bypass LED PL lamps are a good choice for those looking for a lower-maintenance option, since the ballast is removed and won’t have to be maintained. However, this type of lamp requires more difficult installation (rewiring) and is generally considered less safe due to the risk of electric shock. Conservation Mart has many unique types of LED PL lamps in options ranging from warm to daylight color temperatures and brightness options ranging from 400 to nearly 2,000 lumens. Our expert team is always available to help you make informed lighting decisions and to assist with volume discounts and custom quotes.