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Reduce Energy Bills with Affordable LED PAR30 Lamps

PAR30 (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) light bulbs are a top-notch option for any facility manager or owner looking for exceptionally concentrated light. These A-shaped LED bulbs measure 0.125-inch in diameter and are a popular choice for indoor and outdoor lighting situations that need directional output and tailored beam spread while consuming minimal energy and requiring little maintenance, such as in commercial, retail and hospitality settings. Conservation Mart has the best selection of PAR30 LED dimmable flood lamps for those who need dimming compatibility, plus ample PAR30 bulbs in various color temperatures, watts and lumens.

When choosing your new LED PAR30 lamp, it’s important to take note of the beam spread. Because PAR lamps contain engineered surfaces that control the beam of the light, there are multiple different angles available, ranging from very narrow spot (15 degrees or less) to very wide flood (over 160 degrees). The varying beam angles have their own unique applications. For example, you can use a narrow spot PAR lamp to highlight a unique architectural feature, such as a sign or garden element. Choose a wide or very wide flood PAR light to illuminate a larger area, like commercial recessed lighting and driveway lighting.

Conservation Mart has an expansive variety of LED PAR30 bulbs to meet your unique needs, with options in long neck and short neck styles in several lumens and color temperatures. If you’re in search of dimmable LED light bulbs, PAR30 options from our store are a solid choice. We have many PAR30 LED dimmable bulbs that are compatible with your favorite dimmers. You can create a tailored lighting environment indoors and out when you opt for a dimming style from our selection in your desired color temperature, whether it be very warm or daylight. Make sure to explore all of our LED light bulbs for more low-cost options.