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LED PAR16 Light Bulbs

PAR16 LED light bulbs are the right choice when you need excellent concentrated light that doesn’t cost a fortune to operate. Parabolic aluminized reflector LED bulbs direct light outward for up to four times the intensity of a general service bulb. Such unmatched brightness is perfect for recessed and display lighting where the goal is to call attention to a specific area or object. Ideal for ceilings higher than eight feet, our seven-watt LED PAR16 lamps work in a standard E26 socket and use 80 percent less energy than their 35-watt halogen equivalents.

We have dimmable PAR16 LED bulbs available in floodlight, spotlight and narrow flood beam spreads depending on what you are using them for. We also have both warm and cool color temperature lamps with generous manufacturer warranties. Their low heat generation and impressive color consistency make them an excellent choice for sensitive displays, and with a rated life of 25,000 hours or more, they are very low maintenance. Our buyer’s guide will help you choose the right LED PAR light, and you can contact us by phone or email to get a quote on volume ordering rates.