LED A19/A21/A23

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LED A19/A21/A23
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Swap Out Energy-Hogging Incandescents for LED A19 Light Bulbs

A19 bulbs are hands-down the most common types of general-purpose light bulbs on the market. These are your standard screw-base, pear-shaped (although the A stands for “arbitrary” shape) bulbs used in table lamps, overhead light fixtures, wall sconces and much more. At Conservation Mart, you’ll find an amazing selection of LED A19 light bulbs that will help you save between 70 and 90 percent on energy and maintenance costs. We pride ourselves in providing an amazing assortment of LED light bulbs carrying DLC and Energy Star ratings in various color temperatures, wattages and lumen outputs.

Conservation Mart has a large variety of A19 LED lamps to help meet your individual requirements. When shopping for LED bulbs, it’s important to take note of the number following the A, as this will indicate the diameter of the bulb. For example, standard LED A19 bulbs have a diameter of 2.375 inches, while A15 bulbs have a diameter of 1.875 inches. Conservation Mart’s selection of LED A-series light bulbs incudes LED A19, A21 and A23 styles. All of these LED lamps are a fine choice for replacing your incandescent or fluorescent A-shaped bulbs and most come with warranties to protect your purchase.

Unsure which bulb is best for your unique needs? You can reference our guide on How to Choose the Right A-Lamp Bulb for detailed information or give us a call at 1-800-789-8598 for personalized advice. Shopping for A19 bulbs from Conservation Mart is a great choice for both residential and commercial applications, as we provide incredible volume discounts that allow you to stock up on ample bulbs to replace all of the lighting in your home or business for an incredible price. We pride ourselves on high-quality customer services and a very knowledgeable sales team who can assist you with finding the right light solutions.