AirCycler Smart Exhaust Panasonic Bathroom Fan Light Timer Switch - Almond

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The new Smart Exhaust, from the same people who brought you the AirCycler line of ventilation controllers, introduces a simple, smart, flexible and economic solution for exhaust ventilation requirements.  This item is Ashrae compliant.

The Smart Exhaust is designed as a replacement for the bathroom fan and light switch. By using a microprocessor to monitor and control fan operation, a precise amount of ventilation can be provided. Compatible with a variety of fans, including Panasonic fans.

  • Switch On: Light & Fan turn on
  • Switch off: Light turns off, Fan remains on for set delay time.
  • Off-On-Off: Fan goes off.

There are only two settings on the SmartExhaust switch - Ventilation and Delay. Ventilation is the minutes per hour that you want the fan to operate. Delay is the number of minutes you want the fan to run after the bathroom light has been turned off. The Delay time provides additional run time of the fan to complete ventilating the bathroom after use. The SmartExhaust is so smart, you can tell it you don’t need the fan to run when you leave the bathroom. When you turn off the light, turn it back on then back off again within a few seconds it tells the SmartExhaust you don’t want the fan to continue running.  Comparible with Panasonic fans.


  • Make standard bath fans ashRE 62.2 compliant
  • Microprocessor technology provides precise ventilation times.
  • Manual fan operation is subtracted from set ventilation time.
  • Fan runs every hour for set ventilation, less any manual and delay operation.
  • Excess manual and/or delay operation is subtracted from next hours ventilation time.
  • Great for - Meeting ventilation codes, Reducing Mold, Mildew & Pollutants, saving energy and you money!
  • Almond color
  • Panasonic fan compatbility

Since you are substituting an existing switch, or maybe even two, there are no additional labor costs to the SmartExhaust installation. With the light and fan being the same switch, the ventilation strategy can’t be defeated.