Lipidex AirCycler Ventilation Control G1 AC-G1

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The AirCycler G1 Furnace Fan Timer is a smart, simple solution for achieving whole house supply ventilation. Both energy effcient and cost effective, the AirCycler g1 integrates with the existing central furnace fan and ductwork to deliver fresh air throughout the home at the same time that the home is heating or cooling. By working in conjunction with the already operation HVAC system, the AirCycler g1 results in significant energy savings over other supply ventilation solutions.

The AirCycler g1 is a furnace fan timer and ventilation controller with an output for operating a motorized fresh air damper*. This system provides whole house supply ventilation through central furnace fan integration.

Features and Benefits

  • Helps meet ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation standards
  • Direct replacement for the AirCycler FRV (see reverse)
  • Patented algorithm provides increased energy efficiency
  • Simple installation and programming


  • Operating Voltage: 24 volts AC (30 volts AC max)
  • Current draw: 0.07 Amps
  • Two Setup Options: Calculated Time or Calculated CFM
  • Optional Damper: 24VAC (up to 30 VAC max)