WaterPik 1.5 GPM EcoFlow 5 Mode Handheld Showerhead Chrome ADA Compliant ECO-563 - Pack of 6

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6 units


“Take invigorating, refreshing, or relaxing shower with increased water forced while using less water.”

  • Advanced OptiFLOW Technology that increases water force while using less water to make you feel refreshed and invigorated
  • Saves you up to 40% or $90 in energy and water bills per year*
  • Pays for itself in 6 months*
  • 5 spray modes: full body, concentrated fan spray, circular massage, misting, and circular & misting combo massage
  • Pause Control on Handle and Spray Control Level
  • Easy-clean nozzles and 5 ft faux metal hose
  • Installs in minutes on any standard shower arm without pipe tape
  • Lifetime Warranty

How It Works

The WaterPik EcoFlow 1.5 gpm 5-mode, Handheld showerhead is in WaterPik Ecoflow series of advanced OptiFLOW showerheads. In a nutshell, this chrome, non-aerated showerhead delivers a high quality shower experience through an efficient use of water:
  • OptiFLOW technology channels water through the shower head to deliver up to 30% more water force with the same water pressure.
  • Flow Pause Switch helps you reduce water flow to a trickle for an additional water savings while you shave, shampoo or lather for an average annual savings of $90*.
  • 3.5” shower head offers a stylish design with 5 full body spray coverage settings to fit your every need: full body, concentrated fan spray, circular massage, misting, circular massage and misting combo.
  • Flexible 5 ft Hose makes your showerhead ideal for bathing children, pets, and makes cleaning the shower a snap
  • Non-aerating means air is not mixed into the water stream, as it passes through the showerhead; as a result, less temperature is lost between the showerhead and you.

Package Content
  • 5-Mode Handheld Showerhead
  • 5 ft Faux Metal Hose
  • Installation & User Guides
  • Lifetime Warranty

* Average shower lasts 10 minutes. Average number of showers per day, per household is four. Source: U.S. Dept of Energy (Jan 2007).
Make & Model
  • Manufacturer: WaterPik EcoFlow
  • Model: ECO-563
  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: Standard 1/2-inch threads
  • Dimension: 3.5 inches (head diameter)
  • Weight: 1 to 2 pounds
  • Type: Non-aerated, Handheld
  • Max Flow (Pressure): 1.5 gpm (80 psi) = low flow
  • Variable Sprays: Yes, 5 (Full body, concentrated fan spray, circular massage, misting, circular massage and misting combo)
  • Off Valve: Yes
  • Case Quantity: 2
  • Certification: Meets ANSI standards
  • ADA Compliant

How to Install

Optional: small towel/rag and pliers/wrench
  • Twist off the existing showerhead; if you need pliers, first put a small towel over the showerhead for better grip and protection.
  • Remove large nut from your new showerhead.
  • Place large nut over shower pipe (narrow end toward wall), then thread pivot ball onto shower pipe and hand tighten clockwise to a snug fit.
  • Use pliers provided to tighten pivot ball to pipe until it is secure.
  • Attach bracket by hand tightening the large nut to the threaded back of the bracket. (NOTE: This nut and bracket have a left handed thread; the large nut tightens when turned clockwise as viewed from the front of the bracket.)
  • Turn the water on and check for leaks; if leaking occurs, re-tighten large nut as described above.
  • Check again for leaks, and repeat above step as necessary.

  • Lifetime Warranty