Waterdrop TDS Lead Reduction Water Filter Pitcher 10 Cup

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Product Description

  • 97.4% Chlorine Reduction
    Through multi-stage precision filtration, the filter can effectively reduce 97.4% of chlorine, taste and odor, rust, metal ions like calcium, magnesium, mercury and copper, and other substances to improve the taste of drinking water.
  • Certified filtration performance
    The filter is NSF 42 certified to reduce chlorine, taste and odor
    The filter is NSF 372 certified for lead-free material
  • 5X Filtration Capacity
    The lifespan of the filter is 5 times longer than that of other products.
    Waterdrop: Up to 3 months or 200 gallons
    Other brands: 1 month or 40 gallons
  • 400% Faster Flow Rate
    With a faster flow rate, the filter can filter a full reservoir of water within 1 minute, so that you can enjoy fresh purified drinking water at any time.
  • Smart Life Indicator
    This gravity induction filter life indicator allows you to get the filter status at a glance, and can reminds you of replacing a filter timely by color change, thereby ensuring water safety.
    Blue light: Good
    Red light flashes: Replace soon
    Red light stays on for 5 seconds: Replace now.
  • Safe Use at All Times
    Made from food-grade safe materials without BPA and lead, this pitcher makes you and your family rest assured of drinking water.
  • Multiple Humanized Design
    The pitcher adopts multiple innovative designs, helping to improve the drinking experience.