USI Multi Function 10 Year Tamper Proof Battery Smoke / Fire Alarm with Sensing Plus AMI3051SB

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6 units


The USI Multi Function 10 Year Tamper Proof Battery Smoke / Fire Alarm AMI3051SB from Universal Security Instruments features new patented Universal Smoke Sensing Technology that utilizes both ionization and photoelectric alarms to protect against and detect slow smoldering fires as well as fast flaming fires. It has a 10 year warranty.

It is ideal for both replacement and new installations. It requires no maintenance and is great for use in every room in apartments, houses, and mobile homes. Through the 10-year life of the alarm, the battery will not need replacement, providing comfort even during a power outage. This cuts down on environmental waste from batteries landing in the trash. The large mounting base covers easily hides drywall imperfections and has the option to to replace retrofits.

  • Easy installation
  • Quick activation battery pull tab
  • Deactivation key for safe battery removal/disposal
  • Tamper-Resistant
  • Meets UL 217, Ul2034 Standards
  • California State Fire Marshal approved
  • Federal Housing Authority (FHA) approved
  • 10-year limited warranty on battery and alarm
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