Tyz-All 72x82 White Plastic Interior Storm Window Kit

Tyz-All Plastics
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This product has been discontinued. For a replacement product, click here.

This 72" x 82" Tyz-All Plastic Interior Storm Window Kit is a low-cost way to limit the amount of unwanted air exchanges occurring through windows. By doing so, this window kit makes winter a lot easier to handle and the home much more comfortable. Every storm window kit contains a spline made of plastic and a channel system to produce the seal in the front of the window. It can be quickly installed in a few simple steps:

  • Plastic channels should be attached around the window frame.
  • Spread the insulation film over the face of the window.
  • Use the spline (thin plastic strip) to hold the film in place, and lock it into the channel.
  • If necessary, trim the spline and channels with a utility knife, and the insulation film with scissors.