TrickleStar Plug-In Energy Monitor TS2001

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Take greater control over your electrical appliances and reduce your electricity costs with the TrickleStar Plug-In Energy Monitor.

This monitor allows you to watch and track your energy usage and see the benefits of changes you make throughout the home or building. Start by plugging an appliance into the energy monitor to begin tracking wattage use, operation costs, and the amount of carbon dioxide it emits. The display is detachable, and the monitor can calculate and predict energy usage in KWH, carbon dioxide, and costs by day, month, or year. Real time statistics are provided by the Energy Count feature. This plug-in energy monitor allows you to modify the electricity rates based on your specific region. It also provides 360J surge protection to safeguard the appliance while plugged into the monitor.

  • Cord Length: 5 feet
  • Input Power: 115 volts AC, 60 Hz
  • Maximum Load: 1800 watts
  • Dimensions: Display = 1.75" L x 3" H x 3" W
  • Separate display & wall for convenient handheld viewing
  • Display instant energy consumption in Watts, Cost, CO2
  • Display projection KWH, Cost, CO2 by Day / Month / Year
  • "Energy Count" - display real time accumulated KWH, Cost, CO2 in any timer interval
  • Built-in timer to control outlet on/off
  • 4 ft. cord length
  • 1 On/Off controllable outlet
  • 360J surge protection
  • Green protected LED indicator
  • UL (US & Canada)
  • 2002/95/EG (RoHs)
  • 2002/96/EC (WEEE)
  • 1999/5/EC (RTTE)