Touch 'n Seal® Low GWP Foam Kit 1.0 PCF FR

Touch n Seal
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DAP® Touch ‘n Seal ® 1.0 PCF Low GWP Spray Foam is an open-cell, non-structural air sealing and
insulating foam for use in both new construction and renovation of industrial, commercial, agricultural and
residential properties. DAP Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) products are specially formulated to meet
low GWP requirements that aim to target reduced amounts of HFC’s in the atmosphere. When used
according to manufacturer’s instructions, Touch ‘n Seal Low Density Spray Foams reduce energy costs by
eliminating structural air infiltration and improve indoor air quality by sealing out dust and pollen. It cures
within minutes, forming a permanent Class A fire-retardant air seal. Touch ‘n Seal Low Density Spray Foam
is formulated and designed for use in commercial, industrial, and residential ‘flash and batt’ air sealing
applications. It offers a superior building envelope control solution when used to ‘picture frame’ around
studs and thinly coat the wall cavity at ¼” – 1” thick. Insulating stud wall cavities should then be finished
with traditional fiberglass or cellulose insulation.

  • Contains no HFCs
  • Can be used to repair low density SPF
  • Reduces sound transmission, creating quiet spaces
  • ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Resistance
  • Permanently air seals the building envelope; does not shrink or settle like cellulose
  • Reduces energy loss and use of fossil fuels
  • Compatible with all fiber insulation systems
  • No ozone depleting chemicals or formaldehyde
  • Class A fire rated
  • Expands to fill smallest to largest gaps, cracks, and holes, reducing air exchanges
  • Allows for down-sized HVAC systems; uses less energy, fewer cycling, provides a more
    consistent comfort level.
  • No expensive maintenance
  • Prevents dust and pollen infiltration