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Ventilation Timers
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Leaving the bathroom fan on after your morning shower can be a tricky proposition. Studies show that turning the fan off after less than 20 minutes increases the risk of long-term mold build-up, which can cause considerable property damage and respiratory distress. But many of you know the feeling of keeping the fan on and then forgetting all about it, leading to hours of wasted electricity and energy. An exhaust fan timer switch from Conservation Mart solves this problem by leaving the fan on for a set amount of time – even if you turn the light off – to clear the room of moisture without driving up your utility costs.

We carry an assortment of bathroom fan timer switches from leading manufacturers such as DewStop, Grasslin and AirCycler that work on your schedule. Find mechanical ventilation control devices that allow you to set the timer when you step in the shower along with digital fan timers with delay settings for use with hot tubs and spas. Most timers can be set for up to 60 minutes so you can clear particularly humid areas. We also carry variable-speed exhaust fan timers for use with compatible ceiling fans as well as triple combination switches to control multiple devices.

With affordable timer switches for exhaust fans, you can leave the bathroom every time knowing your ventilation will take care of itself. Adding a ventilation timer to your home, hotel, office or store bathroom will help you improve air quality and reduce condensation in the most efficient way possible. See our Fan Light Switch guide for more on these easy-to-install devices. Conservation Mart’s goal is to leave every customer satisfied, which is why we offer fast shipping and no-hassle returns on every purchase. And when you call our offices during business hours, a live person will always answer the phone to provide expert advice. Order your new exhaust fan timer switch today to air out your bathroom the eco-conscious way!