TCP High Bay Sensor TS1 Mounting Bracket 120 277 347V

TCP Lighting
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TCP’s fixture-mounted infrared high-bay occupancy sensor and relay is selfcontained and turns individual light fixtures ON/OFF based on occupancy in a detection zone. It uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to sense lineof-sight motion by comparing the infrared energy from an object-in-motion with the background space. The sensor includes a microprocessor-based digital architecture that minimizes false ON triggering due to background environmental conditions such as air movement.


  • Quick and easy installation: provides a self-contained, line-voltage occupancy sensor that connects to individual fixtures using standard 1/2” knockouts
  • Snap-in install feature: threaded nipple is also provided with an integral catch for double-D 1/2” knockouts
  • Convenient LED status indicator: green LED provides confirmation that the occupancy sensor is functioning properly
  • Timer settings: unit is shipped set to 30 second default
  • Accommodates high-bay 8–40 ft. mounting heights
Applications TCP’s fixture-mounted infrared high-bay occupancy sensor is designed specifically for pre-wiring or retrofitting in high-mounting areas such as warehouses, manufacturing and other high-ceiling applications. The automated line-of-sight, occupancy sensor-controlled ON/OFF switching of lighting provides energy savings and safety benefits.