Simply Conserve Wide Q-Lon Door Weatherstripping Kit with Vinyl Carrier - Brown | DS060W-B - Case of 12

AM Conservation
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12 units


Product Description

Simply Conserve's foam weatherstripping retains its original shape year after year, remains pliable from -40˚F and meets ASTM, BSI, DIN, and ISO standards. The windjammer is an easy-to-cut cellular polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which has become widely accepted as a substitute for wood due to its superior performance characteristics. It resists water, rot, warping, and splintering, meaning it lasts longer than wood and results in less waste. The tops are precut for a uniform fit, efficient installation, and superior air-sealing. The windjammer comes ready to install and can be painted. It has a nail-up installation so no screws are necessary (nails are not included).

  • TOUGH COMPOSITION - Strip retains its original shape year after year and remains pliable from -40°F. Resists rot, warping, and splintering, meaning it lasts longer and is more adjustable than wood. Dimensions: 84" sides that are 1.375" wide and a 36" top.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Stripping features an extruded PVC carrier with angled sides for fast, accurate and trouble-free installation. The tops are pre-cut for efficient installation. Nail-up installation so screws are unnecessary. Comes ready to install.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - Premium large sealing gasket works on even the most inconsistent gaps and warped doors sealing gaps up to 3/4 inches, proofing and acting as a blocker so you can enjoy the comfort of your own home. Sound and bug stopper.
  • CERTIFIED EXCELLENCE - Meets ASTM, BSI, DIN and ISO standards. Will prevent draft, and will help soundproof your home to keep noise out. Waterproof and weatherproof the gap in your home.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Material can be painted to match the door on either the top or sides to seamlessly fit into your home while providing weatherproof to your door and home. Will keep out everything from insects, dirt, rain, snow, wind, and sleet.
  • Included Components: ‎(2) 84-inch linear sides, 36-inch top.