Simply Conserve 7 Outlet Advanced Power Strip SC73T1

AM Conservation
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The Simply Conserve Advanced Power Strip (APS) allows users to eliminate excess energy usage and trim utility bills by intelligently cutting off power to connected devices while they're not in use, eliminating phantom and standby power losses without ever unplugging the equipment. Load-sensing technology detects the current being drawn through the master outlet, which is plugged into a primary device like a TV or desktop computer. Then, peripheral devices like game consoles, DVD players, or monitors are plugged into the switched outlets, which only become energized when a high current is detected in the master outlet, indicating the TV or desktop computer is powered on. Always-on outlets provide power at all times, so they can be used for devices that need power constantly, like modems and cable boxes.

Product Features:

  • 15-amp resettable circuit breaker
  • 1,440 joules of surge protection
  • Consumes <1W at all timmes
  • 3-ft. heavy-duty coord
  • Angled space-saver plug
  • Child protective outlet covers
  • Convenient and eco-friendly product packaging