Panasonic Whisper Ventilation Fan Series

Whisper Wall

Use: Bathroom with cathedral ceilings

  • 8" round through wall duct
  • Includes white exterior metal hood with flapper
  • Includes durable wall cap with a built-in back draft damper
  • Can be adjusted for up to 10" wall thickness
  • Enclosed AC condenser motors (for long-life)

Whisper Recessed

Use: Rooms where recessed cans are being used and there is need for ventilation

  • Includes a 14 Watt GU24 base LED lamp (Energy Star rated) or a 18-Watt CFL bulb
  • Adjustable trim ring and light socket to accommodate finish surface
  • 7 1/2 inch deep housing
  • Dual 4" or 6" duct adapter

Whisper Fit

Use: Remodeling when installing a fan between floors or when shorter housing needed

  • 5 5/8 inch deep housing
  • Fits 2 x 6 framing
  • Can be used with existing 3" or 4" duct; adaptor is included
  • Low profile exhaust

Whisper Value

Use: Production situation where price may be a challenge

  • 3 3/4 inch deep housing
  • Fits 2 x 4 framing
  • Can be mounted vertically on side wall

Whisper Warm

Use: Desired heater fan in bathroom

  • 1400 watt steal sheathed heater element
  • Quick warm-up time
  • Recirculates and heats air while exhausting
  • Available with and without a light

Whisper Sense

Use: Dual sensing is desired (both motion and humidity)

  • Built in motion and humidity sensors
  • Delay off timer up to 60 minutes after motion ceases or humidity level is achieved
  • No switches needed (sensors built in)
  • Includes detachable dual 4" or 6" duct adaptor

Whisper GreenSelect

Customizable, all-in-one fan and fan/LED light combo

  • Pick-A-Flow: ability to select your required air flow with just the flip of a switch
  • Plug N' Play: provide up to three value added features (Multi-Speed, Motion Sensor, Condensation Sensor, NiteGlo LED night light)
  • Flex-Z Fast bracket provides flexible, fast and easy installation

Whisper Ceiling

General Use in bathrooms or other rooms

  • Classic Panasonic exhaust fans
  • Exhaust fans are super quiet, energy efficient and easy to install

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