Niagara Conservation N3145 Adjustable Toilet Flapper - Case of 24

AM Conservation
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24 units


Replacing old toilets can be a costly process. If you're looking to save water and money through toilets while on a budget, start with the toilet flapper. Toilet flappers generally cause most of the problems and leaks through toilets, and don't last too long. It is the flexible seal that prevents the tank water from leaking into the toilet bowl. The toilet flapper is lifted by the flush lever and chain whenever the toilet is flushed. When this happens, the tank water goes into the bowl. Usually, flappers cause most of the leaks and problems at the toilet.

This toilet flapper reduces water consumption by changing the volume control dial. It can be adjusted to decrease the volume of water used with each flush, creating a more efficiently performing toilet. This flapper is simple to install.


  • Flexible rubber seal
  • Volume control dial
  • Quickly installed by hand
  • Blue
  • Quantity: Case of 24