Lambro 4 in Black Plastic Roof Cap 3540

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10 units


4 inch Black ABS Plastic Exhaust Roof Vent

The Lambro 4 inch black ABS plastic exhaust roof vent with 1.5 inch collar is ideal for venting through the roof. This vent is used for clothes dryer exhaust, bath fan exhaust and other general venting applications that require moist air and humidity from exiting the home. The redesigned damper allows for maximum airflow while reducing back flow of exhaust air.

WARNING: This roof vent can ONLY be used for shingled roof installations.

NOTE: Clothes dryer exhaust installation requires the plastic screen to be removed and the screen holder tab to be trimmed off with a utility knife.

  • Can now be used for clothes dryer venting by removing the included screen
  • Roof Cap is for Shingle Roof Installations Only
  • Maximum exhaust airflow – minimum back pressure
  • Opening/closing damper prevents outside elements from entering the vent
  • REMOVABLE hinged screen prevents birds from nesting inside of vent
  • Designed to prevent leaks with proper installation

Product Contains:
(1) – 4 inch Black Plastic Roof Cap]
Case Size of 10