Install Caulking Rope to Prevent Drafts, Save Energy, and Cut Costs this Winter

How many windows are there in your home? Can you tell which ones are leaking cold air in and sucking warm air out? Finding out is simple. Place your hand to each corner of the windows. If you can feel cold air coming in, you have an air leak on your hands (no pun intended). Unknown to many homeowners, windows actually make up 10 percent to 25 percent of home energy loss. This is due to those air leaks. Among the many tools used to remedy this problem, caulking rope is one of the simplest to install and cost-effective too. Applying it to windows helps to prevent drafts, reduce energy and carbon emissions, and cut the cost of heating.

Preventing the drafts from coming in through windows greatly affects the temperature in the home, as there will be one less source the heating unit has to compete with to reach the desired temperature. Caulking rope, also referred to as caulking cord, is simply putty that comes in a roll. The putty can be placed in tight areas, giving it an advantage over a caulking gun or tube. The caulking cord can be cut to the length you desire, and easily pressed between windows in order to seal outside air from coming in. The amount of rope you would need depends on the amount of windows being covered. For example, a 90-foot roll can cover 6 average-sized windows, while a 35-foot roll can cover 2 average-sized windows.

Achieving a comfortable temperature becomes a difficult task when there are air leaks that need to be plugged. Caulking cord not only prevents air from coming in the home through the window, it also prevents heated air from leaving the home through windows. When the temperature outside has less of an effect on the temperature inside, less energy will be used by the heating system to reach a comfortable temperature, as trips to the thermostat will be decreased. Being able to lower the thermostat by only 2 degrees can save as much as 420 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

Saving energy and saving money really do go hand in hand. When there is less energy being used by the heating unit, there will be less money spent on space heating. Plugging window air leaks with caulking rope will help do just this. In addition to saving money, caulking rope is cost-effective, available for as little as $2.50. Heating the home this winter does not have to be a difficult, or costly task. By plugging air leaks at the window, drafts can be eliminated from this source, energy loss can be reduced from 10 to 25 percent, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 6 percent, and heating costs will be reduced right along with it.

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