How to Setup & Use Spray Foam Insulation

* Ensure you follow all safety precautions, including wearing protective eyewear and gloves.

Prepare the Area

  • Make sure area to receive foam is clean and dry.
  • Ensure your workspace gets adequate ventilation and/or that you wear respiratory gear.
  • Make sure ambient and application temperatures are per the instructions.

Set-up the Foam System


  • Rock the box or tanks to agitate the product thoroughly.
  • For best results, ensure foam is between 70° F and 90° F before dispensing.
  • Tear open the top of box along perforated lines, and remove instructions and accessories bag.
  • Make sure gun is OFF by pushing trigger lock into gun body.
  • Attach hoses by connecting the red hose to the red cylinder, and the white hose to the white tank.
  • Insert hoses into carton holes, and tighten hoses with wrench provided.
  • Close cartons, unlock gun and spray into waste container to ensure chemicals distribute evenly and equally from both hoses.
  • Lubricate o-ring.
  • Select spray nozzle.
  • Align slots on nozzle with notch on gun barrel and push/twist nozzle clockwise to lock in place.
  • Spray again into waste container to ensure product is mixing properly.
  • Apply foam as desired.


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