Handi Foam Liner Adhesive Insulation 532 Board Foot Kit P12040

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Product Description

HandiFoam® Liner Adhesive is specifically designed for construction and repair of refrigerated trailers and adhering foam panels to various substrates.

Offering a long open time and quick cure time minimizes the need for bracing materials while the adhesive cures. HandiFoam® Liner Adhesive is available in portable kits which are easy to carry to the application site and allows one person to apply the adhesive. It is also available in refillable systems designed for larger jobs.

This product is formulated utilizing an HFO blowing agent which is part of our ongoing commitment to developing foam chemistries with lower global warming impact and enhanced product performance.

  • Density: 2.5 lbs/ft3 (40 kg/m3)
  • Cell structure: 95% CLOSED cell content
  • Fire rating:
    • FMVSS 302 / CMVSS 302
      Meets burn rate 0/00 min
    • Flame Spread: 10
    • Smoke Developed: 85
  • Shelf life:
    12 months disposable
    6 months refill

Technical Specifications

Density ASTM D1622 2.5 lbs/ft3 (40 kg/m3)
Dimensional Stability ASTM D2126 +/- 5%
Tack-Free/Expansion Time Tack-Free/Expansion Time 4-7 minutes
Compression ASTM D1621 TBD
Tensile Strength ASTM D1623 TBD
Cuttable As Reported After 24 hours
VOC Content EPA Method 24 98 g/L
Fire Rating FMVSS 302/ CMVSS 302 Meets- Burn Rate 0/00 min