Enerlites Air Circulator Timer Wall Switch DWTS-W (Case of 10)

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10 units


The ENERLITES DWTS is an automated timer wall switch for an air-circulating fan. The fresh air fan control offers both a countdown timer and a minutes per hour (MPH) timer. The countdown timer can be set anywhere from 5-60 minutes and activates when the fan is manually turned ON. The MPH timer recognizes when the fan was last used and automates it for a pre-selected amount of time after each hour that it is OFF. Automating the fresh air fan hourly helps to expel stale air and maintain good indoor air quality. The is device also includes a manual ON/OFF switch for the air circulating fan.


  • Turns fan ON/OFF automatically based on preset timer
  • Manual ON / Automatic OFF for fan
  • Automatic minute per hour is up to 60 minutes
  • Time delay for fan is up to 60 minutes
  • Can be manually controlled for immediate ventilation needs
  • Interchangeable face cover
  • Neutral Wire Required