Emporia Electric Vehicle Charger 48 Amp White EMEVSE1UL

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Level 2 electric vehicle charging station charges any EV up to 40 ampswith NEMA 14-50P or up to 48 amps with hardwired installation. Works with all electric cars. Installs easily indoors or out. Use the Emporia app to schedule charging when electricity is cheapest and see all your charging data and energy consumption in one place.


  • Input Voltage: 208/240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power Charge: 11.5kW (240V/48A) / 9.6kW (240V/40A) /10kW (208V/48A) / 8.3kW (208V/40A)
  • Required Breaker: Dedicated 50A+ dual pole for 40A, Dedicated 60A+ dual pole for 48A
  • Connector: 24’ cable SAE J1772 connector
  • Temperature Range: -22°F to 122°F
  • Takes readings every 5-10 sec
  • UL Listed
  • Energy Star Certified

Safety Features

  • Ground Fault Interrupt: 15mA to 20mA trip sensitivity to protect against electric shock
  • Internal Temperature: Charging station internal temperature is continuously monitored and shut off if the board temperature exceeds 98° C
  • Missing Ground Detection: Safety ground is constantly monitored during operation.Charging is shut off if the ground is missing
  • Pilot Signal: EV connector/cable is de-energized when exposed to astrain that could result in the exposure of live parts
  • Power Interlock: EV connector / cable is de-energized when uncoupled from EV
  • Self Check: Sequence performed during start up, every three hours, and before charging to ensure unit is working properly and safely upon power-up
  • Stuck Relay Detection: Check to ensure relays are functioning properly and providing proper power gating
  • Surge Detection: Constantly monitors for power surges during operation. Charging is shut off if a surge is detected.
  • Vehicle Ventilation Requirement: Checks for ventilation requests from EV and prevents charging if ventilation is not available