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Customer Testimonials

This is a small sample of comments we have received from customers recently.
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'Great site for conservation products.' Dennis 12/2/2014
'great, easy, fast, secure' John Hallowell 12/2/2014
'Website was easy I just ordered so I have no idea about the product service or delivery time' 12/1/2014
'Second order' 12/1/2014
'I spoke to a customer service representative before ordering this product. They were very knowledgable and professional. If the delivery goes as well then I will be very satisfied. Thanks' David Ott 12/1/2014
'the site was easy to use and informative' 11/28/2014
'Very Good' Clinton McNair 11/27/2014
'Easy. Reasonable price.' Hung Nguyen 11/26/2014
'simple' Marsha Green 11/26/2014
'I appreciate your thorough product line and helpful sales staff (when I need them).' 11/26/2014
'So far, so good.' 11/26/2014
'The shipping cost is a little high' 11/24/2014
'perfect' 11/23/2014
'I have not received the product yet! However, it was easy to order.' Cathleen Malone 11/22/2014
'Easy to Use!' David 11/21/2014
'very good' jerry groccia 11/21/2014
'excellent' Christine Sinclair Rowe 11/21/2014
'I will wait until I receive my order before recommending to any of my friends.' Philip J Richard 11/20/2014
'The person I spoke to on the phone was very nice and helpful, and I will definitely look here again thanks to your employee Amanda in sales!' 11/20/2014
'Good price, easy site to navigate, helpful information' David Merryweather 11/19/2014
'very easy and convenient' Roxanne 11/19/2014
'quick and easy - I only hope that these are the same quality that I've purchased in prior years from local hardware stores in Northern California' Walther "Keith" Wentworth 11/19/2014
'Hope all goew well when we receive the item...' Joe Niesen 11/18/2014
'Thank you.' 11/17/2014
'Shopping was great, But, when I calculated shipping before I ordered it was $8.01 & at checkout it was $10.45 !' Gloria Gibson 11/17/2014
'Shopping experience was fine. I do wish you had free shipping promo codes as that will be the only thing that would point me to do business with a competitor.' Laura 11/17/2014
'First time here, might rate higher next time.' Alan Traxler 11/16/2014
'Big negative experience: your shipping prices are too high. Feels like bait-and-switch with low price for product and high price for shipping. But I bought anyway.' 11/16/2014
'i selected ground however when i went to check out a more costly USPS was selected. that's why only 4 stars. i had to go back and modify but your website directed me back to the page with the product. was difficult to get back to order.' Michelle Cunningham 11/16/2014
'Trouble free' Robert 11/15/2014
'Simple easy shopping' Ernest Richards 11/15/2014
'VERY EASY.' 11/14/2014
'great website with great prices' 11/13/2014
'Excellent quick and easy' 11/13/2014
'Flawless' John Keaton 11/13/2014
'very good' douglas crofton 11/12/2014
'Price are very reasonable and Greta reviews on your products.' Gloria Ortiz 11/11/2014
'good ordering, delivery pending' 11/10/2014
'I continue to be a satisfied customer.' Denise Murphy 11/10/2014
'Great weatherization database. They've got everything you could need.' Serena Wolfe 11/10/2014
'I can't say enough about how please I am with the price and the product. I went right online to rate the product. Ease of use and quality both were excellent! I had the project (4 large enclosed porch windows) done in one night. Minimal tools required. GREAT product.' Lois Mazzone 11/10/2014
'great people' preston 11/9/2014
"'Very nice experience If these are what I am looking I will be purchasing more'" Sally Wilson 11/9/2014
'Easy shopping' William S Ross 11/8/2014
'FANTASTIC!' GRADY 11/8/2014
'Thanks' Walter Ramsey 11/7/2014
'Very informative site. Easy to navigate.' Mary-Margaret Grigg 11/7/2014
"'quick and easy Thank you !!'" 11/7/2014
'chat agent was very helpful!' Jonathan Seda 11/7/2014
"'Thank you so much. Muhammad the handyman'" Mahmoud Mazouni 11/6/2014
'very happy so far' Brad 11/6/2014
'Thanks quick and easy with reasonable shipping costs' Karla 11/4/2014
'Didn't like that I had to create a new account, there should be a guest checkout option. Otherwise shopping experience was as expected.' 11/4/2014
'Quick, easy and very reasonable prices.' Richard Hanlon 11/3/2014
'None of my local retailers had the products I was looking for. I was so happy to find everything I needed and more in one location here on your site.' Jackie 11/2/2014
'Great site, will definitely buy more of their products.' Gerald Earnest 11/2/2014
'If the bulb is the right fit . . . we will be ordering more!! Fingers crossed!!' Danny 11/1/2014
"'good price on bulb, shipping expensive gt the bulb, works fine'" Mike Slaughter 11/1/2014
'great so far...' Chris Lower 10/31/2014
'Very easy' Laurie Ginkel 10/31/2014
'Shipping was a little high... Other than that it was a pretty good experience' 10/29/2014
'just the way i like it, simple' Kay Bettge 10/29/2014
'Great prices and service.' Robert Reed 10/29/2014
'Shopping Experience was A-1 . Thes price was unbelievable cheap.' Nicholas Kostopoulos 10/29/2014
'easy to follow' 10/28/2014
'Easy to use on line order form, thanks' Gary Zink 10/28/2014
'Thank You' 10/28/2014
'Good' danielle doyle 10/27/2014
'your customer service phone line was very pleasant and friendly. Will definitely purchase from your again.' Cecille Duncan 10/27/2014
'Free shipping would be wonderful' John Berry 10/27/2014
'Shipping estimate was inaccurate.' 10/26/2014
'Easy to find what I needed.' 10/26/2014
'Shipping was a little high but as long as it's safe and quick' D Thornberry 10/26/2014
'Just hope the bulbs arrive in a timely manner and they fit :-)' JULIE NOAKES 10/24/2014
'Checking out was totally annoying. I had to enter my billing/shipping address about 5 times. I order ALOT online and I've never had this much difficulty in putting my billing and shipping address into an order. I don't have time to explain why this process was a total fail on your end. Basically, a five minute checkout turned into 15 minutes (and me late to work).' Christina Peterson 10/24/2014
'easy simple enjoyable' 10/23/2014
'Great prices.' Craig 10/22/2014
'Efficient' mason 10/21/2014
'so far so goo' 10/20/2014
'Good prices.' 10/19/2014
'hopefully I will receive order quickly,which shall determine future orderings' 10/19/2014
"'Easy to search -- easy check out Can't ask for more...'" Justin 10/16/2014
'nice place, I'll be back....' John 10/15/2014
'Product looks good and check out was fast.' Allen Carter 10/15/2014
'Great.' Suzanna Richter 10/14/2014
'Lowest price bulb for our outdoor garage light. Delivery was quick.' Jeane Royale jr. 10/14/2014
'website was user friendly but very slow.' 10/14/2014
'Quick and easy' 10/14/2014
'Too soon to fully evaluate. Need to get order delivered' Richard 10/13/2014
'Very easy and if you get it to me within the next few days I will be your customer forever.' 10/13/2014
'I see some gizmos I might want to buy later too.' samuel 10/13/2014
'Quick easy fast thank you for being convenient in an inconvenient time.' katherine de oliveira 10/12/2014
'SO far so good.' 10/12/2014
'yes first time buyer. we will wait and see' Alfred Gonzalez 10/12/2014
'I was not happy about the estimated shipping being lower than actual shipping.' Bernard Rose 10/11/2014
'First time at this merchant's website. I had good experience with online shopping here - found what I needed. Thanks and we'll be back again.' Adnan 10/11/2014
'Good, simple check-out process. Glad you offer Paypal.' Randall Schoonhoven 10/10/2014
'Too difficult. Too much time. I don't want or need an account with a password. You assume I will be a returning customer. Why can't I order what I want without the above? I shouldn't have to have an address book with you... Just want to buy the product and move along.' ron stansbury 10/10/2014
'Everything great' 10/10/2014
'So far so good!' Teresa Renick 10/9/2014
'I was able to find products here that I couldn't find in local stores and you had a fast delivery time. I do wish I could have purchased the product in a different color (brown) but was satisfied with what I got. ' Norman Craft 10/7/2014
'Great' Jose 10/7/2014
'Very easy to find my product. Great price too!' 10/7/2014
'The site was easy to follow.' Christina Gubicza 10/6/2014
'Easy ordering. Had what I needed.' charles wolf 10/6/2014
'fast' 10/6/2014
'Rating will go up depending on shipping time.' 10/6/2014
"'Excellent website and checkout experience. Please continue to stock EVEN HIGHER WATTAGE CFL and LED 6400K bulb options!!'" 10/4/2014
'I want have more coupons.' Kobi Electric K4L8 10/4/2014
'Like your shipping options and reasonable cost. Others charge more for bulbs and for shipping them.' 10/3/2014
'easy to use website' Stephen Shapiro 10/2/2014
'Perfect' James Roe 10/1/2014
'I'll wait until I receive the goods.' Viv Radlein 10/1/2014
'Ordering was fast and easy. Thanks' Linda Hardy 10/1/2014
'Easy to use website.' Ellis Schauder 9/30/2014
'Don't like to furnish a password to buy from you. Would like to just purchase as a guest. I have enough passwords to remember!' 9/29/2014
'Fast and convenient' Gary 9/27/2014
"'The ceiling light is not as brfight as a regular fluorescent light. So the kitchen is not as well lit as before. '" thomas ruch 9/27/2014
'Prices seem good. Shipping estimate was a bit below actual shipping but deemed acceptable for now. Haven't received product yet, so we'll see.' Chris 9/26/2014
'easy to use site' Diane Lapp 9/26/2014
'easy and quick to do thank you' sam williston 9/25/2014
'Great Prices.' Dave Craig 9/25/2014
'GREAT!' 9/23/2014
'Quick and easy' Becky 9/23/2014
"'So far so good. Overall good. Shipping was as much as product though.'" Todd Bezak 9/21/2014
'Shipping costs seem a little high. Also, I have emailed you a couple of times asking if you could get me brown instead of response! I need 14 more sets....I'd rather have brown because of my dark woodwork around my windows.' Stephen Hawes 9/19/2014
'you have made it very simple thanks' 9/19/2014
'Easy' 9/18/2014
'Nice site, competetive pricing and great shipping options.' 9/18/2014
'good' 9/17/2014
'Able to find item and save 10 %' Matt Tuttle 9/17/2014
'Looked everywhere for flood lights with flat glass end instead of rounded. Thank you.' Cynthia Shipley 9/16/2014
'I knew exactly what I needed to purchase, & got lucky & found it quickly & it was even on sale!! Yay... Thanks' Polly Spilde 9/16/2014
'easy to navigatethe web site.' David Moulton 9/16/2014
'Quick, easy, good prices! What more could you ask for?' Joe Kelly 9/14/2014
'GREAT' FAWAZ 9/14/2014
'Very quick and easy ordering.' Georgia Martin 9/14/2014
'Your internet is really slow, but found what I need very fast. Hope they actually fit the lights.' Zack Boyce 9/13/2014
'Ive ordered before and was please with your product. The ease of using your site was great. Cant wait to receive your product.' John Keaton 9/13/2014
'you had what I needed at a good price.' Natanya Nielsen 9/12/2014
'Excellent!!! no issues whatso ever' wayne 9/11/2014
'I love lamp.' 9/11/2014
'Product came as described. Everything worked out great. Save my customer some money using' Andy D 9/11/2014
'I will know better after I receive the order but it seems easy so far.' Dan Schryer 9/10/2014
'way faster and better than my electrical wholesale store' fernando A Garcia 9/8/2014

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