Custom Print Outdoor Watering Calendar

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Boost your brand with a fully customized watering calendar ruler featuring your logo in full color. Ideal for promotions, marketing, branding, or building awareness, this eye-catching tool merges functionality with visual appeal to make a lasting impression. Optimize water usage effortlessly with this 6" ruler featuring a die-cut drip gauge, designed for precise measurement of water wastage over a three-month period. This innovative tool not only identifies water waste but also incorporates a convenient calendar on the back, facilitating adherence to your community's watering guidelines – a crucial aspect of water conservation.

This ruler, equipped with both inches and centimeters (metric) units, ensures accuracy in tracking water usage. Promoting eco-friendly practices, it comes with water-saving tips printed directly on the ruler. The inclusive price covers color customization, art layout, and setup, making it a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for promoting water conservation in your community. Make a sustainable impact by empowering residents with knowledge and tools to reduce water waste effectively.


  • Make your watering schedule easy to remember by printing it on to this handy ruler 
  • Full color design 
  • Custom water rulers are great promotional, awareness, branding, or marketing items that get your message out there 
  • 6" ruler with markings in inches as well as metric centimeters (15 cm) 
  • Die cut holes to measure leaks as 1/4" 3/16" 1/8" and 1/16"
  • Estimates in gallons, cubic feet, and cubic meters of the corresponding water loss over a 3 month period