Chimney Balloon Fireplace Draft Stopper - 9 in. x 9 in.

Chimney Balloon
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The Chimney Balloon, also know as a Chimney Pillow, is an inflatable tight-sealing chimney damper. The Chimney Balloon is made of 3 ply poly plastic that stops uncontrolled air infiltration/exfiltration through the chimney. Install the inflatable chimney plug by holding it in place in the chimney while you inflate it with air. Before you start your next fire, open the tap on the Chimney Balloon handle to deflate it within seconds for easy removal. The inflation valve has a bright red card at its end that will hang down into the opening of the fireplace to help you remember that the Chimney Balloon is in place.

To insure you order the correct size, measure the length and depth of the location within the flue where you will be installing a Chimney Balloon. Order a Chimney Balloon that is up to 6 inches larger in either dimension than your measured opening. The location for the Chimney Balloon should be an area that is not interfered with by the damper flap or other hardware, and must have at least 6" in height of parallel or slightly sloping walls with sufficient texture for the balloon to grab and lodge in during inflation. This fireplace balloon measures 9" x 9".

  • Origin: United Kingdom
Additional Information: Installation Video (.wmv)