Broan Overture Smart Wall Control BIAQWC100P

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Overture™ Smart Wall Controls with built in sensors are connected to ventilation fans in rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room in the same way you would connect a standard wall switch. When indoor air quality deteriorates, the Wall Control will automatically turn on the connected ventilation fan or range hood until air quality is improved. The Wall Control also offers the functionality of a standard wall control, meaning you can turn on and off your ventilation fan at will.

  • Recommended to use with an electrical box of 18 cubic inches or larger. Compatibility chart is now available.
  • Works with MOST Broan-NuTone bath fan, ventilation fan, or ADA compliant range hood.
  • Colored LED light indicator turns from green to yellow to red to indicate it senses poor IAQ.

Product features:

  • Smart Sensors: Detect temperature, humidity, tVOC’s, and eCO2
  • Inputs: 120V~, 60 Hz
  • Outputs 120V~, 60 Hz
    • ½ HP Motor, 15A Resistive, 15A Inductive, 3A Incandescent, 0.6A
    • Electronic Ballast
    • When used in combination with fan/light fixtures that are switched together, the device is rated for the following lamps: 360W incandescent, 72W LED or 72W CFL
    • For control of electronic ballast, CFL’s, LED and LED lamps or equivalent
    • Typical wire sizes: 12AWG (MAX) or 14AWG solid copper wire rated for at least 90°C
    • Operating temperature: 32-95°F (0-35°C)
  • Connectivity: Requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network within 100 feet
  • Compatibility:
    • Works with compatible Broan bath fans, Fresh Air Systems, and ADA-compliant range hoods
    • Can control light and fan independently Pollution Degree 2 product for household environment or similar
    • Fresh Air System required for air exchange
    • Visit or for a list of compatible products