AirCycler® g2 Furnace Fan Timer + FanConnect™ Switch + 10" Motorized Damper ACG2K-10

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Product Features

The AirCycler® g2-k Whole House Mechanical Ventilation System includes the AirCycler® g2 Furnace Fan Timer, FanConnect™ Bath/Fan Light Switch with remote fan control, and a motorized fresh air damper (available in four sizes). This system provides balanced and hybrid whole house supply-exhaust ventilation.

The AirCycler® g2 Furnace Fan Timer is integrated with the home’s central furnace fan so that any time the central fan is turned on by the thermostat to provide heating or cooling, the AirCycler® g2 opens the motorized damper to let in a measured amount of fresh air. The fresh air is then distributed uniformly throughout the home through the existing ductwork. When ventilation requirements are met, the damper is closed to prevent over-ventilation.

By running the ventilation system at the same time as the home’s regular heating and cooling cycles, the AirCycler® g2-k System saves on additional utility costs


  • Balanced or hybrid whole house supply-exhaust ventilation solution
  • Lowest HERS score for whole house ventilation
  • AirCycler® g2 is direct replacement for AirCycler® FRV
  • Patented algorithm oers precise ventilation control
  • No ongoing maintenance required
  • Features programmable hours of operation

AirCycler® g2 Furnace Fan Timer

  • Operating Voltage: 24 VAC (up to 30 VAC max)
  • Current Draw: 0.07 Amps

Motorized Fresh Air Damper

  • Operating Voltage: 24VAC (up to 30 VAC max)
  • Current Draw: 0.07A idle, 0.125A for 15 sec
  • Power Draw (VA): >1W idle, 3W for 15 sec
  • damper transit time
  • Wiring Requirements: 18 guage, min
  • Includes pigtail and damper plug for wiring
  • Can be installed in any position
  • 10"

FanConnect™ Switch

  • Light: 450 Watts @ 120 VAC (blue wire)
  • Fan: 150 Watts @ 120 VAC (red wire)
  • Operation: 120 VAC ± 10%