Conservation Mart Announces Availability of the Smoke Pencil Pro For Air Leak Testing

Lawrenceville, GA September 29 2011 – Conservation Mart, a leading online retailer of energy efficiency, water efficiency and weatherization items is proud to announce that is offering the Smoke Pencil Pro from Chimney Balloons . The Smoke Pencil Pro is a light duty, non toxic unit designed for air leak testing. The Smoke Pencil is simple to operate: simply pull the trigger and see how the smoke moves to show the air movement. Since it does not contain any harsh hazardous materials, there are no issues with shipment of this product. Also available are the related accessories such as refill bottles, adapter tips and field carrying kit. At Conservation Mart, we not only have the materials to seal drafts but also the means to test drafts and air leakage.

Conservation Mart marketing manager Yaminah Jappah says of the Smoke Pencil Pro: “This product is an ideal fit for HVAC professionals, energy raters and weatherization contractors. It is light weight, refillable and does not contain harsh chemicals. It is an easy switch from the Smoke Puffers.”

About Conservation Mart
Conservation Mart is a one stop shop for Weatherization Supplies, Energy Efficiency Products and Water Conservation Products. Conservation Mart was founded to serve the conservation needs of the marketplace and serves customers such as home owners, businesses, contractors, weatherization agencies, housing authorities and government agencies. Conservation Mart focuses on delivering conservation technologies to help reduce residential and commercial energy and water use and in educating stakeholders on the benefits of energy and water efficiency.

About Chimney Balloon
Chimney Balloon manufactures innovative products designed to save energy and stop cold drafts.

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