Solar Powered Attic Ventilation Cools the Attic without Wasting Money

There are many ways to stay cool and comfy during summer: eating ice cream, drinking lemonade, and sitting near a fan, to name a few. If your home has an attic, do you ever consider staying cool up there when it’s hot out? For most, the answer is a resounding no. This is because in most attics, the heat of summer is not limited to only outside, and the cost of cooling the attic is almost as bad as the inefficient fans themselves. Keep the attic cool and reduce energy costs this summer by installing solar powered attic ventilation for this space.

How does it ventilate?

Categorized as an active draft air convection fan, solar powered attic ventilation pushes the heated air through the attic and out the vent. This method is more effective than passive draft air convection, which is the standard for more electricity powered attic fans. Through passive ventilation, the hot air goes through the vents. This creates a natural draft, but does not actually lower the attic temperature.

The fan works throughout the entire day to move 850 CFM to 1550 CFM of attic air when fully exposed to the sun. The amount of air being moved depends on the wattage of the fan. The higher the wattage, the greater the CFM the fan is capable of moving. The correct fan for your needs depends largely on the amount of space being ventilated. Higher wattage solar powered ventilation would be necessary for larger attics, and lower wattage for smaller attics.

Erase a portion of the energy bill

Any device labeled “solar powered” uses only the energy provided by the sun for operation. Solar powered attic ventilation allows for complete removal of attic ventilation from the energy bill. Knowing the exact amount of savings depends on factors such as climate, attic size, and electricity rates. However, on average, the fan pays for itself within the course of 1-2 summers.

With the temperature in the attic less than before, the amount of energy required to cool the rest of the home will become less as well. When you have more control over the temperature in your home, you will see a decrease in the overall energy bill during this stickiest time of the year.

Attic Breeze solar powered attic ventilation has been recognized among the best in energy efficiency devices by the Eureka! Awards council in Texas. The fans they provide continuously work to save both energy and money for the average homeowner. With solar powered attic ventilation, you can expect to easily reduce not only the amount of heat coming from the attic, but the burden on your residential energy supply and energy bills as well.

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