LED Wall Packs

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LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Packs are an ideal choice for switching out metal halide, high pressure sodium, and fluorescent wall packs because they require less energy, have a long life and are low maintenance. Learn more about how to choose the right LED Wall Pack Lighting.

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Brighten Any Outdoor Space with LED Wall Pack Lights

Make your outdoor commercial environment safer and more energy efficient with Conservation Mart’s high-tech LED wall packs. These high-quality lighting solutions are uniquely designed to help illuminate building entrances, apartment buildings, overhead door lighting and more at night, with styles that help lower light pollution so that your area is fully illuminated without disturbing its surroundings. At Conservation Mart, we offer low prices and incredible volume discounts on LED wall pack lights that can be used to effectively replace your incandescent, metal halide and fluorescent wall packs in commercial outdoor spaces.

We have standard and cutoff-style LED wall packs for sale in this selection. We recommend picking up LED cutoff wall packs if you’re looking for a great way to provide ample lumen output at night without high levels of light contamination. These LED fixtures work by directing the light downward rather than upward in order to keep light away from the night sky, so they are a popular option for illuminating parking lots and entryways. Traditional wall packs are a smart choice for covered and contained environments, such as beneath overhangs or in parking garages. If you are unsure which type of wall pack is best for your unique needs, feel free to contact us for one-on-one advice.

With our selection of LED wall pack fixtures, you can take advantage of amazingly long lamp lives — 120,000 hours in some cases — as well as built-in features that ensure safe operation and easy installation with minimal maintenance. These lights are a solid choice for wall- or ceiling-mounted security lighting, walkway lighting, area lighting, parking lighting, schools, hospitals, hotels and more. We offer volume discounts and amazing prices on LED fixtures, with a well-versed customer service team that is passionate about helping facility owners and managers find the best-of-the-best LED solutions for their specific needs.