LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

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LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

A vapor tight LED light fixture is ideal for use in applications that require low maintenance lighting with a long lifespan. They are built for powerful lighting in harsh environments, protecting the light source from dust, dirt, and moisture. Learn more about how to choose the right vapor tight LED light fixture.

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Create Ideal Lighting in any Space with LED Vapor-Tight Lights

If you’re looking for powerful, reliable LED lighting in your demanding environment, then an LED vapor-tight fixture is a solid choice. This type of LED light fixture is uniquely designed to safeguard the lamp and other interior functions from dust, dirt and moisture, so it’s a top-notch option for dirty environments like car washes, airports, tunnels, parking garages and maintenance areas. Naturally, the No. 1 reason to upgrade your facility to an LED vapor-tight light is energy savings. You can significantly lower your facility’s energy bills and maintenance-related costs when you opt for LED vapor-tight lights over less efficient fluorescent and HID options.

Conservation Mart has a wide variety of vapor-tight fixtures to choose from, including many 24- and 48-inch long vapor-tight lights with added features like dimmer compatibility and built-in motion sensors. Vapor-tight LED lights with motion sensors are a good choice for semi-enclosed or open environments looking to add an extra layer of safety and security at night or when your facility is closed. We have styles that can be mounted in various different ways, including surface- or chain-mount styles that will accommodate various ceiling types and heights. Additionally, we supply vapor-tight fixtures ranging from 13 to 70 watts in cool and daylight temperatures to match your unique lighting design.

No matter which style you choose, you can expect a vapor-tight light to endure even when it’s exposed to moisture and vapors for the long-term. Please note that there is a significant difference between vapor-tight and vapor-proof LED fixtures. The vapor-proof designation means that the light source will be protected from hazards like corrosive fumes, non-combustible dust, moisture, non-explosive vapors and gases. If you are unsure whether your facility requires a vapor-proof or vapor-tight fixture, feel free to contact Conservation Mart to speak with an experienced lighting representative.