LED Area Lights

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LED Area Lights

LED Street and Area Lighting Fixtures deliver high lumen output for illuminating city streets, parking lots and other similar applications. Learn how to choose the right LED Area Lights.

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Swap Out Energy-Hoggers with LED Area Lights

Whether you need high-lumen area lights for your large, commercial parking lot or are in search of an affordable dusk-to-dawn LED security light that can be pole-mounted, Conservation Mart’s broad assortment of LED area lights surely include an appropriate solution for your facility. Area lights have long been used to provide bright, reliable outdoor lighting, including lighting in parking lots, barns, city streets, neighborhoods, walkways and commercial building grounds. Upgrading to LED can effectively help you save up to 90 percent in energy costs while producing a safer, brighter and lower-maintenance lighting solution.

Regardless of which style you select from our variety, you can expect your new LED area light to outperform those energy-sucking fluorescent and metal halide options of the past. They are built with rugged, long-lasting housings and many have impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses to help them stand up to severe weather and tampering. Pick one of our high-grade roadway LEDs to provide safe, high-quality lighting in parking facilities and roadways or opt for a versatile pole-mounted LED area light that come with three, four or five LED lights to create the perfect level of brightness for dusk-to-dawn operation.

Conservation Mart also provides some LED area light retrofit kits that you can use to transform your outdated light fixtures to LED. A great choice for your energy-hogging HID area lights, these retrofit kits are relatively easy to install and fit most commercial fixtures. They provide your outdated lights with great features like dimmer compatibility, instant startup, directional light and high-lumen maintenance. An average lifespan of 50,000 hours makes these LED retrofits a solid choice for any facility looking to improve lighting-related costs. Conservation Mart offers volume discounts on commercial LED lights so that you can revamp your whole facility for less.