LED Vintage Lighting

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LED Vintage Lighting

Dimmable LED Vintage Light Bulbs

For retro ambiance and space-age energy savings, there’s no match for our LED vintage lighting. We carry a great selection of LED vintage bulbs, including Edison, tubular, decorative chandelier, Victorian and globe models. These delightful bulbs are styled based on the historic designs of filament-based lights and are increasingly popular for homes, diners, coffee shops, hotel lobbies and other places looking for a warm or nostalgic ambiance. But beneath this antique exterior is the latest in LED lighting, which captures the same inviting glow while using up to 85 percent less energy to give you the best of both ages.

We have vintage LED lights from Bulbrite, EarthTronics, Longstar and MaxLite made to the same high standards as their modern-style lights. With both clear and finished bulbs in warm color temperatures, the mood will be clear from the moment you hit the switch. And if you get a dimmable vintage light, you can really enhance a room’s atmosphere. As with all our antique style lights, Conservation Mart offers volume pricing and fast shipping to help you save money. Enjoy a vintage feel without leaving a vintage carbon footprint using our LED bulbs!