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LED T8 Lamps available in 3500k, 4000k and 5000K in Plug and Play and Ballast Bypass configurations. DLC Certified. Learn more about choosing the right LED T8 light tube.

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Conserve Energy with an Upgrade to T8 LED Tubes

Easily replace your outdated fluorescent T8 lamps with energy efficient LED T8 bulbs from this selection at Conservation Mart. With options ranging from 2400 to 5000 Kelvins and up to 3,000 lumens, there’s no better place to create custom lighting equal to or better than your outdated fluorescent T8 fixtures. The great part about T8 tubes is that you don’t have to fully replace the fixture in order to reap the energy savings and lower maintenance associated with LED, as there are several new technologies available designed to help you efficiently upgrade your tube lights to LED at an affordable price. Conservation Mart is on hand to help you understand these options.

Our LED T8 bulbs come in two unique styles: ballast compatible (instant start) and ballast bypass (internal driver). Ballast compatible LED T8 lamps are also referred to as “plug-and-play” lamps, as they work with the existing fluorescent ballast and require no rewiring. Ballast bypass T8 lamps work off the line voltage that flows directly to the sockets and allow you to remove the original fluorescent ballast to retrofit your current fixtures to work with LED. Internal driver T8 bulbs tend to provide greater maintenance savings, since you’re eliminating the ballast component. With that being said, you may need to perform electrical modifications at higher installation costs with ballast bypass styles..

Instant start T8 LED bulbs are the perfect choice for those looking to replace fluorescent lamps with new LED lamps. We recommend choosing this type of T8 light bulb if you need a style that can endure long-duty cycles where the lamp is not frequently turned on and off, since material is blasted from the surface of cold electrodes every time it’s turned on, thereby yielding the fewest number of lamp-start cycles. For additional information on the difference between internal driver and instant start, make sure to reference this comparison guide from Conservation Mart. Our team of customer service experts is also available to answer your questions if you give us a call today at 1-800-789-8598..