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LED R40 Dimmable & Energy Star Light Bulbs

Even floodlights need direction, and LED R40 light bulbs from Conservation Mart provide the intensity you need even as they spread the light around. By using a reflective coating to move the beam forward, these lamps increase the amount of available light for track and recessed fixtures. A lot of power is packed into each 5-inch bulb – we have R40 LED lights ranging from 60W to 205W halogen equivalents for brightly illuminating large areas. By offering the same soft glow as traditional reflector light while using up to 80 percent less energy, our lights help you save money, the planet and your eyes.

We offer a wide selection of replacement light bulbs in various wattages and color temperatures from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Many of our R40 LED lights are fully dimmable, and an Energy Star rating means they meet the highest efficiency standards. If you are planning on using your new bulb in an outdoor fixture, just click on our “Wet Location” search option. In addition to offering shopping advice in our LED Reflector Light Buyer’s Guide, our experts always answer the phone during business hours to assist you with product selection, ordering and volume price quotes.