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Dimmable LED PAR 38 Light Bulbs

When you need a direct light that burns brightly for years on end, look no further than LED PAR38 light bulbs from Conservation Mart. Parabolic aluminized reflector bulbs are the best built on the market, allowing users to precisely control light. Primarily used in recessing, track and display lighting, these 4.75-inch diameter bulbs produce a concentrated light up to four times more intense than comparable incandescent lamps. And a 14-watt PAR38 bulb provides as much or more light than a standard 90-watt bulb, giving you efficient, low-maintenance light that lasts for 25,000 hours or more.

We carry PAR 38 light bulbs from respected brands such as TCP Lighting, Green Watt and Kobi Electronics in a variety of color temperatures, from cozy soft white 2700K LED to daylight 5000K. Numerous beam spreads are available as well for a spotlight or floodlight effect. Dimmable and wet location features give you additional options, and if you want the most efficient PAR38 bulbs available, look for the Energy Star rating. All of our light bulbs are offered at a low price with fast shipping so you can quickly star saving energy and money. Read our LED PAR Buying Guide or contact our experts for more information.