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PAR20 LED Dimmable Flood Lights

When brightness is what you need most from a recessed light, flood light or track light, LED PAR20 light bulbs from Conservation Mart will outshine the competition. PAR lights are named for the parabolic aluminum reflector that they use to direct light and heat outwards – though these LED bulbs run so efficiently, there isn’t much heat to generate. This design gives them an intensity that’s four times greater than a standard bulb. Restaurants, meeting rooms, billboards, casinos, theaters and many other places use this strong beam profile to make an area be more visible or stand out.

We carry a large selection of energy-saving PAR20 LED lights from top manufacturers such as TCP Lighting, Green Watt LED and Kobi Electric. With both narrow flood and wide flood beam spreads and color temperatures ranging from very warm to stark white – not to mention numerous wattage levels – you’re sure to find the best one for your needs. Many of our LED PAR20 flood lights are dimmable as well. These eco-friendly bulbs last up to 50,000 hours and will more than pay for their initial cost in utility savings – and our competitive prices help you save as well. If you’re unsure which light bulb to pick, head to our LED PAR Light Buyer’s Guide for expert advice.