LED Night Lights

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LED Night Lights
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Energy Efficient LED Night Lights

For an added sense of safety and security when the sun goes down, trust LED night lights from Conservation Mart. Our low-watt night lights provide a soft glow for use in bedrooms, hallways, stairwells and other locations. Installing these energy-efficient lights will help soothe the fears of children and others who are afraid of the dark, and they reduce accidents by helping people see the layout of an area. And with our energy-efficient fixtures that are ready to ship within a day of ordering, you can get a LED night light with an operating price as low as a few cents a year.

We carry both temporary and permanent LED night lights that provide a needed luminescence without blasting your tired senses. Our portable night lights plug into any two-pronged wall socket and are particularly useful when staying in hotel rooms, guest houses and other unfamiliar locations. For a long-term solution, a direct wire LED night light replaces an existing electrical outlet cover or light switch, giving you soft light every night in either a white or green glow. Many of these lights have automatic sensors to turn on or off and are small enough that you can install them without cutting a new hole in the wall.

Conservation Mart has been working since 2008 to bring efficient lighting to everyone, and with our selection of LED night lights, everyone can experience the added security and safety to provide. These astonishingly low-wattage lights are always cool to the touch, making them safe for use anywhere. Whatever your reason for not wanting your home or building to be completely dark at night, our experts will set you up with a first-rate light at a competitive price. Not only that, but you can order worry-free knowing you’re backed by no-hassle returns and industry-leading manufacturer warranties. Call us toll-free for recommendations and other energy-saving ideas!